Sneaker Proxy Phenomenon: The Ultimate Guide

There’s no prestige item quite like limited edition sneakers. Brands work hard to limit purchases and maintain their sneaker prestige so that sneaker enthusiasts will spend thousands of dollars to buy them. Where there are fans, there’s also a market, so many companies buy limited edition sneakers for resale.

In theory, buying sneakers online should be easy. Yet sneaker companies are protective of their brands, and one of the ways they protect their brand value is to ensure their limited editions stay limited.

Brands like Adidas and Nike will limit purchases per customer and confine sales to certain geographical areas. If that’s not enough to make buying sneakers a challenge, these limits also mean that sneakers sell out quickly when they appear.

How Do Brands Limit Purchases?

Think of the internet as a series of letters you send and receive. Each time you visit a website, you’re sending a letter requesting a reply. If everything goes well, you receive that reply letter (i.e. the website displays on the screen) and you can read it.

Every “letter” you send has the sender’s address printed on it. This is your IP address. An IP address is a static numerical code that functions much like a real-world address. Using your IP, people can track you to your physical location or keep tabs on your activity.

When sneaker sites release limited edition sneakers, they track IP addresses to control purchases. Under normal circumstances, your IP is visible to any site you visit. This means it’s easy to track your IP and limit the number of transactions you can make.

You could work around this problem by using multiple IPs, but normally this means completing purchases from several real-world locations. This has practical limitations, as you would need access to many computers all with different IP addresses. Moreover, limited edition sneakers sell out quickly, so it’s not a practical solution to the problem.

Working from multiple local IPs also doesn’t solve the problem of geo-blocking. Many sites use geo-blocking to limit promotions to a geographic region. If your IP isn’t in that region, you won’t be making a purchase.

The solution? Residential IP proxy services.

What’s a Sneaker Proxy? Which Proxy Do I Need?

To go back to our letter analogy, you can think of a proxy server as a middle-man. You can hand them your envelope, and they’ll pass it on to the recipient. This way, the recipient never knows who sent the letter.

If you used a different middle-man every time, you could send multiple letters and they would all seem to come from different people. This is the basic principle behind a proxy.

There are multiple types of proxies used to disguise an IP. One popular option is the datacenter proxy service. This offers multiple anonymized IPs for general use. It also has one major disadvantage: datacenter IPs are obvious. They’re the IP equivalent of a suspicious character in a hood and mask. As in the real-world, websites tend to ban suspicious characters outright.

This is where residential IP proxy servers provide solutions that other proxy servers can’t match.

How Can Residential IP Proxy Servers Help Me?

A residential IP is the type of IP an internet service provider (ISP) allocates to its users. It’s part of the regular traffic of the internet. A residential IP proxy server makes residential IPs available for anonymized use.

Using a residential IP proxy server is like sending your letter from a friend’s house. Your request still carries a physical address, but the receiver can no longer trace it back to you.

When using residential IP proxy services, you have a few key advantages which enable you to buy sneakers without worrying about limits imposed by the seller.

Residential IPs are the easiest way to get around IP-based limitations. If you’re using multiple accounts, each one with a different IP address, then the sneaker site has no way of knowing you’re ordering multiple batches. By switching IPs, you’re approaching as a “new” customer every time.

Using residential IPs from the promotional region will also get you around any geoblocking restrictions that may be in place by the supplier.

If the site does have a reason to suspect anything, it’ll be almost impossible to ban you outright. Even if they close your accounts and ban your IPs, you can simply come back with new IPs to start again.

By using residential IP proxy services, you can bulk buy supposedly limited stock from any geographical area and snatch it up faster than those using other methods.

Getting Started with Sneaker Proxies

Residential IP proxy services are the practical solution to buying limited edition sneakers in bulk, and there are many software solutions for the task.

Get in touch with our team of experts today and they’ll guide you through the process of setting up your sneaker proxy.