Monetizing Desktop Software and UWP Apps with IP Ninja’s SDK

If you’re a developer of Windows desktop software or UWP apps, you’re likely no stranger to the shift in trend from desktop to mobile app development and usage. With the proliferation of mobile apps and cloud-based desktop web apps over the past decade, consumers have grown to expect the ease-of-use of running such applications versus downloading software locally onto their desktops.

This trend of increasing mobile app usage was substantiated in a study conducted by Stone Temple in 2017. According to the report, the percentage of website visits from mobile devices in the United States grew from 57% to 63% while visits from desktop devices decreased proportionally from 43% to 37%.

Comparing these United States-based results to international data, the study concluded that worldwide app usage was even more mobile-oriented than the United States, reporting about 67% of international usage stemming from mobile devices. Therefore, there is a clear trend in users gravitating towards mobile over desktop.

With that said, developers of Windows desktop software or UWP apps are certainly facing monetization challenges due to the current landscape. With users worldwide favoring mobile experiences over desktop offerings, these desktop-based developers are largely struggling to maintain their users—let alone monetize their software in a way that doesn’t further deter an already dwindling user base (such as running ads or implementing hefty fees).

Thankfully, there is an innovative solution for monetizing your Windows desktop software or UWP app: the IP Ninja Software Development Kit (SDK). What’s more, it allows you to make money with your desktop software without jeopardizing user experience in any way whatsoever.

IP Ninja SDK: How It Works

IP Ninja specializes in providing industry-leading real residential IP proxy services for companies worldwide. With a network of millions of residential IPs around the globe, IP Ninja is constantly on the lookout for development partners that can further enhance our ever-growing service offering.

While our company also offers opportunities for monetizing mobile apps, we greatly value desktop-based development partners because—due to the market trends detailed above—such developers are harder to find these days.

Moreover, real IPs linked to desktop devices have a greater impact on our network than mobile devices, therefore we’re willing to pay a premium for such partners. You can view this as our way of giving back and paying our respects to the desktop-based software developers who paved the way for all the great mobile- and web-based applications in existence today!

The Benefits of Monetizing your Desktop Software with IP Ninja SDK

There are three primary benefits to using IP Ninja’s SDK to make money from your desktop software: passive income, positive user experience, and overall simplicity and convenience.

First and foremost, IP Ninja offers a highly competitive and generous payment model to our desktop software development partners. If you choose to monetize your Windows desktop or UWP app with IP Ninja’s SDK, you will receive the following payment tiers per platform:

PC (Desktop, UWP apps, and Chrome extensions):

US, UK, all West European countries, KR, JP, IL, CA, AU, NZ — $0.03/month per user

Rest of the world — $0.02/month per user


US, UK — $0.03/month per user

All West European countries, KR, JP, IL, CA, AU, NZ — $0.025/month per user

Rest of the world — $0.015/month per user

So, depending on geography, if your PC desktop app has only 100,000 users, you could earn about $3,000 per month in passive income! Similarly, if your Android app has 100,000 users, it’s possible that you could bring in as much as $3,000 per month on a recurring basis (but it would be a lot easier to reach that goal with UWP\Desktop apps). Needless to say, passive income streams like this could do wonders for rewarding yourself and your team members and even help cover any potential overhead expenses such as office space, service fees, etc.

Secondly, our SDK enables you to monetize your desktop software in a seamless manner—without having to implement annoying features that disrupt user experience thereby causing you to lose users. In fact, your users won’t even need to have your software running to become a member on our network of real residential IPs; everything functions in the background (but only when their device is idle).

Finally, implementing the SDK is an extremely easy and convenient process, saving you time and hassle at every step of the way. At IP Ninja, customer service is our priority and this extends to our clients and development partners. To leverage our SDK to start making money with your desktop software, simply contact us and one of our team members will get you up and running in no time!


Just because the software industry is trending towards mobile doesn’t mean that desktop software developers need to give up on creating and monetizing their apps. If you’re a Windows desktop or UWP app developer and you’re ready to start earning revenue with your software, contact IP Ninja today.