IP Ninja and iOS are a Match Made in Heaven: Introducing 1B Proxy

When Apple’s first generation iPhone was released in June 2007, it fundamentally changed the way that we interact with our mobile devices. The iPhone brought with it a new level of mobile functionality and the iOS mobile operating system delivered an easy-to-use touchscreen user experience. Through this new operating system, iPhone users were capable of leveraging their mobile phones to harness functionalities never before imaginable on a mobile phone.

This was the birth of iOS applications or, as they’re commonly referred to now, “apps”. With iOS apps ranging from mobile games to dating applications to complex accounting software, it comes as no surprise that the iPhone has become an essential piece of hardware among millions of users worldwide. By way of the Apple App store (and a bunch of talented developers), Apple created an entire industry based solely on the creation and adoption of iOS applications.

With more than an estimated 700 million iPhones in use worldwide today, there has yet to be a residential proxy service provider that has properly leveraged mobile iOS proxies for ad verification—until now. Enter IP Ninja, the ambitious residential IP proxy services company filling this gap in the market.

IP Ninja is Harnessing the Power of iOS Devices

IP Ninja is getting ready to launch the world’s first residential IP proxy service for mobile iOS devices. Currently, there’s no way to properly conduct ad verification on an iOS device, and it has been restricted solely to smartphones running on the Android operating system. IP Ninja’s innovative new service offering will be incredibly valuable for users hoping to see how their ads look on iPhones around the world.

Using residential IP proxy services for ad verification is a great use case for this technology because losing control of ads served in foreign locations introduces a huge threat to companies running ads online. If your ads fail to generate real traffic or conversions, for example, you run the risk of eroding your return on investment (ROI)—let alone potentially damaging your brand if your ads are displayed alongside inappropriate content. Therefore, ad verification is a critical utility provided by residential IP proxy services, and it follows that this application will be greatly enhanced by tapping into a vast network of iOS mobile IPs.

IP Ninja is already providing customers worldwide with cutting-edge residential IP proxy services—coupled with the best customer service in the industry. Its transparent pricing model charges customers by bandwidth and not per IP. This means that IP Ninja users need not ever worry about costly extras or add-ons; they will gain access to a wide variety of filters including geo-based IPs based on specific countries, states or cities.

With its revolutionary new service offering, IP Ninja plans to connect to about 850 million mobile IPs—a significant uptick versus competing services on the market, with the next closest competitor listing just 40 million IPs in total from a combination of Android devices and PCs.

Confident that 40 million IPs will be a thing of the past, IP Ninja is naming the groundbreaking offering the “1B Proxy”—in which the “1B” stands for “1 billion”, the company’s expected tally for its network of mobile and PC-based residential IPs. With an incredible number of residential IP proxy addresses changing on a daily basis, IP Ninja is poised to launch the most anonymous service offering on the market.

What’s more, the 1B Proxy will be malleable and allow for a wide array of both technical and geographic filters including: network connectivity (3G/4G/WiFi), mobile carrier (ISP), operating system version, device type, country, and city.

Made for Enterprise Customers

The 1B Proxy product is being developed with large-scale, enterprise customers in mind. Intended for users who are coding and/or using ad verification tools, the 1B Proxy makes anonymous web crawling easy and allows for people conducting talent sourcing, brand protection, and business intelligence to get a leg up on their competition.

IP Ninja is even developing a specific API for each customer that uses the 1B Proxy in their operations, ensuring seamless integration and unparalleled access to critical online information.

The Bottom Line

While the Apple iPhone and iOS operating system have seismically shifted a countless number of business verticals and industries, IP Ninja will be the first company in the residential IP proxy services space to take advantage of the massive iOS ecosystem to revolutionize the way customers use mobile IPs for ad verification.


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