Can You Buy Residential Proxies?

In the early days of the internet, people thought of it as a frontier of newfound anonymity and privacy. You could access anything, even across borders, and do so without so much as giving your name as you would in the real world.

Like all frontiers, however, the internet is losing that freedom as it develops. It’s becoming harder than ever to conduct anonymous activity online. As more businesses become internet savvy, they also work to limit access to drive up their brand value, meet contract obligations with partners, or stave off competitors.

Yet that poses huge problems for people who depend on a free and anonymous internet to conduct their business.

Luckily, proxies exist to return the internet to a more open time. Of the various kinds of proxies, residential IP proxies are often the most effective for the job.

But can you simply buy a residential proxy? Read on to find out more.

What are Residential IP Proxy Services?

To understand proxies, you need to understand the basics of an IP address.

An IP address is a numerical string punctuated by periods. It’s also your identity on the internet. Each computer connected to the internet has a unique IP address, so websites can use IP addresses to monitor their traffic and track their users.

Your IP address carries with it some real-world data. When you purchase internet access from an internet service provider (ISP), they’ll assign you a residential IP address. This residential IP identifies you online and also tells sites where in the world you’re located.

Yet many internet users don’t want to share this information. After all, many companies use this data to restrict their services or to track their users in unwanted ways. This is why users turn to proxy services.

A proxy server routes the connection through a third-party. This way, the website you visit never sees the “real” you. For businesses, that also means that other sites can’t block your activities.

Yet even using a proxy isn’t a guaranteed solution, because sites can sometimes detect when you’re using an IP from a proxy source and block you. This is a common problem with IP addresses sourced from a datacenter.

Residential IP proxy services, on the other hand, provide a way for users to maintain their anonymity. Better still, websites can’t tell them apart from regular residential IPs.

What Can You Use Residential Proxies For?

There are many compelling reasons why modern businesses use residential proxies.

Many sites now use IP tracking to limit visitor activity. This is a common tactic to foil data scraping activities. Sneaker sites use IPs to restrict purchases to control limited edition stock.

Sites of almost any commercial niche can use geo-blocking to restrict access to their content.

Residential IP proxy services can open up the restricted internet, allowing you to conduct your business without interference.

Some sites may even attempt to disseminate misleading, inaccurate information if it detects that you’re using a datacenter IP—this makes residential IP proxy services a much more reliable option.

Residential IP proxies are the most flexible kind of proxy. They blend in with a site’s regular traffic. In the event that a site does manage to block a residential IP, you can simply switch to another one through your proxy server. In this way, you ensure a site can’t block your activities entirely.

Can I Get Residential IP Addresses?

Getting residential IPs isn’t always easy.

Usually, they’re assigned by ISPs, which means that to use a different residential IP, you need to find another machine to connect from. This isn’t a scalable solution to the problem.

Anyone looking for a proxy might have to resort to datacenter IPs, but these don’t have all the same advantages of residential IPs as they’re easily distinguishable from regular traffic.

However, there are services that allow you to effectively buy residential proxies. These make it possible to use residential IPs for anonymous online activity. They’re also scalable, and it’s easy to cycle through residential IPs as many times as necessary.

By working with a trusted partner, you can use residential IP addresses for commercial use.

Residential IP Proxy Services with IP Ninja

IP Ninja offers a unique proxy server that allows its clients to surf through an endless amount of real residential IPs. This allows you to take advantage of the benefits of residential proxies without needing to actually buy one—providing a convenient and valuable solution.

With an expert team on hand, IP Ninja can help you determine the right service package for your needs.

If you’re ready to get started, you can contact us today.