More Bang for your App: Monetizing with the IP Ninja SDK

An app represents a big investment for a developer. What’s the end goal of a big investment? Big returns. You want to maximize your app’s return on investment (ROI) to recoup the time and money spent on development and marketing.

For that, you need smart monetization. But that presents a conundrum, because many monetization methods impact the user experience, bogging it down with an excess of ads or gated content. This puts a soft cap on the extent to which you can monetize your app.

So, how do you monetize your app without losing your customer base?

You need a monetization method that doesn’t impact the user experience. That’s where becoming a distribution partner of IP Ninja can help you.

How Does It Work? Monetizing with SDK

At IP Ninja, we’re always searching for new distribution partners. That’s what allows us to meet the needs of our clients by providing them with a huge range of residential IPs for enterprise use.

With the IP Ninja Software Development Kit (SDK), you can offer your app users the chance to join our growing network of residential IPs. When their device is idle, they might become members in our network with no impact on their user experience. The user won’t even need to have the app running – it all goes on in the background.

This gives you a chance to monetize your app further without impacting the user experience. Our residential IPs only become available when the device is idle, connected to Wi-Fi, and has enough power, whether that’s a charged battery or mains power.

We support apps running on the big names in app development: Android, Windows (including both UWP and standalone apps), and Chrome extensions. Our SDK doesn’t gather any user data, so it’s fully compliant with GDPR. Users only join our IP network after giving full consent.

In return for integrating our SDK, you’ll receive consistent revenue based on your number of users.

The Advantages of SDK Monetization

Let’s take a look at the concrete advantages you’ll receive for becoming our distribution partner.

Our SDK is the perfect way to monetize your app. You’ll receive $0.015 – $0.03 per month per registered user (see the rate below). With just 10k users, you could be making $300 per month. For 1 million users, you could be looking at $30,000! That blows competing services out of the water. We believe in giving back to our distribution partners to acknowledge the support they give us in delivering our unparalleled service.

With our SDK, you can even retroactively monetize your existing user base. By updating your app, you can deliver our SDK to existing customers, not just new users.
Moreover, we pay for all users who joined our network, it does not matter if they used your app or not!

To recap, that’s:

Up to $0.03 per month per user – regardless of active app usage

  • Update with SDK to tap into existing user pool
  • Monetize without impacting the user experience
  • Full transparency and GDPR compliance
  • Fully Google and Microsoft (UWP) compliant
  • Works in idle conditions

Who We Are: IP Ninja

Founded in 2016, IP Ninja provides companies business intelligence, delivering real-time insights and growing their marketing capabilities. With IP Ninja’s residential proxy services, companies can protect their brand, verify their marketing campaigns, gain marketing intelligence and analyze their competitor’s product offering globally.

It doesn’t stop there. Along with the advantages we give to our B2B clients, we also offer our uniquely transparent pricing model and expert customer service.

By signing on as a distribution partner, you’re not just improving your own monetization. You’re also helping us provide our service to thousands of enterprise clients, offering them a level of service quality they can’t get anywhere else.

Harness Revolutionary Monetization with IP Ninja’s SDK

By now, it should be clear that our SDK can transform the way you monetize your app.

Increasing your revenue generation without damaging your user experience makes perfect business sense. You’re offering greater flexibility to your users while simultaneously increasing your ROI. There’s a good reason why many S&P 500 companies employ such services in their operations.

Ready to become our distribution partner? Contact us today.

Our rates by geo-location of the users:


US, UK – $0.03\month per user

All West Europe countries, KR, JP, IL, CA, AU, NZ – $0.025\month per user

Rest of world – $0.015\month per user

PC (Desktop & UWP apps and Chrome extensions):

US, UK, all West Europe countries, KR, JP, IL, CA, AU, NZ – $0.03\month per user

Rest of world – $0.02\month per user