4 Innovative Uses for Residential IP Proxy Services

It’s often the most innovative businesses that get ahead. When a business knows how to use the tools at its disposal in creative ways, it gains an edge over its competitors.

Residential IP proxy services are a versatile tool that allows businesses to move anonymously and without geographical boundaries through the online world. Smart companies can use those advantages to create new opportunities.

Below, we’re taking a look at 4 innovative uses for residential IP proxy services.

1.Comparative Intelligence

77% of businesses rely on comparative intelligence to develop their business strategy. The marketplace isn’t shaped only by customer needs, but also by what competitor organizations in the niche are doing.

Comparative intelligence allows market strategists to scope out their competitors, giving them insight into rival best practices and even allowing them to pre-empt the actions of their competitors.

Online businesses often protect their business secrets by controlling access to their sites. There are tools available that detect and limit the possibility for a rival business to gain access to information for the purposes of comparative intelligence.

A datacentre IP service might allow you to access some protected sites, but the most meticulous competitors will block even these, as datacentre IPs are easy to identify. Moreover, competitors could even send misleading information to IPs detected as being potential competitors–the mitigation of this transmission of inaccurate competitive information is one of the biggest advantages offered by residential IP proxy services.

Residential IP proxy services allow you to get around these access and information integrity issues by disguising your IP with an alternative residential IP. With this method, you can access competitor services to scope out their end-to-end customer experience, from customer service through to aftercare.

2.Talent Sourcing

In theory, the internet can be a powerful talent sourcing tool, allowing you to search a global pool of new potential talent.

When you conduct a web search from your local IP, however, search engines like Google will present you with results determined by your geographic location. Consequently, your search results will be impacted by potential geo-blocking practices of the sites queried. In short, you might not get an accurate picture of the talent pool in, say, Paris if you’re searching from New York City.

Although this helps provide relevant local data for most searches, it diminishes the talent pool for recruiters.

With residential IP proxy services, you can view search results from all over the world by using an IP from your target location. This will show you a much more accurate picture of the available talent in the desired city of employment.

3.Brand Protection

The growth of internet business has brought new threats to brand identity. It’s easier than ever for a company to exploit your image or business model for its own gain. With so much marketing investment lost to ad fraud, it’s clear that bad actors are queuing up to exploit a trusting business.

Ad verification is one of the major ways you can use residential IP proxy services to protect your brand. When you deliver ads to foreign markets, you can’t be sure your ad publisher is abiding by your terms. They might publish your ad on a low-traffic or poorly regarded website, thereby wasting your money.

With the anonymity provided by a residential IP, you can carry out first-hand checks on your ads to ensure they’re being delivered as purchased. This protects your investment and guarantees the maintenance of your brand’s image.

Residential IP proxy services can also be useful for verifying if foreign companies are exploiting your brand image fraudulently. Many such bad actors will rely on geo-blocking to go unnoticed–residential IP proxy services allow you to circumvent these restrictions to validate and manage these issues first-hand.

4.Price Comparison

The rise of price comparison websites reaffirms the importance of a strong pricing model to your business. It’s easy now for customers to find cheaper alternatives if your pricing isn’t competitive.

Scoping out your competitors’ prices can be tricky. Many businesses take steps to limit access to their pricing structure to ensure only their qualified customers see their prices and discounts. In the same way as described in the comparative intelligence section above, they can identify rival business IPs to limit and to mislead competitors, and to block datacentre IPs to foil attempts at data scraping.

With residential proxy IPs, you can effectively play the role of a mystery shopper, gaining access to your competitors to get an insider look at their pricing policies. Residential IPs are almost impossible to identify and ban en masse. With the information gained, you can develop new competitive pricing strategies to get an edge over your competition.

Innovating with Residential IP Proxy Services

These are only a few of the many innovative ways that businesses can use residential IP proxy services, and they’re also critical tools modern businesses should leverage to achieve success. With residential IP proxy services, you could gain ground on your competitors in a multitude of ways.

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